Customs Duty Audits

As Customs experts we offer the following service

In terms of the Customs Act it is permissible for importers to be able to claim customs duties proven to be overpaid, provided the claim is submitted within two years of the date of the original entry.

The submissions of these claims is very onerous and requires specialist legal knowledge of the Customs Act and the Customs Tariffs.

  1. Once appointed we will examine documents of consignments customs cleared within the two year period to establish if there is evidence of overpayment of customs duties.
  2. We will then set about to prove such overpayment by submitting legal argument to Customs to obtain written legal rulings from Customs.
  3. On receipt of such rulings we will set about preparing and submitting official claims to Custom.
  4. Only on actual receipt of refunds from Customs we will arrange reimbursement to our client upon which we will deduct our agreed commission.

During the process of our audit we will also report to the client our opinions as to any discrepancies in customs compliance needing rectification, suggestions of cost savings in freight and clearing charges and indicate where we believe supply chain management can be changed to mitigate risk of loss or damage and streamline systems to achieve greater efficiency.