Project Cargo

What we do

Project cargo is defined as the shipment of large plant, factories or machinery. This may involve the shipping of a single consignment or several shipments over a period of time. For instance, an entire factory may require to be dismantled and shipped.

Whatever the case, the logistics and planning requirements are usually complex. Very often one project may involve the procurement from many different suppliers to all be coordinated to arrive at a single destination within a given time frame.

Projects, invariably, require different modes of transportation throughout the entire movement. This usually commences with abnormal road haul, abnormal handling, specialized packing, sea freight from port to port and then abnormal transport and handling on the receiving end.

It is immediately apparent that many things can go wrong causing huge expenses and delays in plant commissioning and so on.

Customs Services has gained extensive experience in the many projects it has successfully handled. These can be confirmed with references.

Project Management is our specialty. We commence by sitting down and coordinating all stages of the project with the manufacturers, engineers, management and the financial people.

Letters of credit (where applicable) are carefully examined, customs requirements established and other government requirements examined Transport Regulations and Road Restrictions are carefully complied with.

Shipping schedules and delivery times are all worked out and a comprehensive plan put in place and carefully managed.

Throughout the entire process of a project, a senior, highly skilled person, is dedicated totally to the management of the movement. Please contact us at for further information.